Air Fork EZ Fill

Retail $99.95/pr.

The Works Connection Air Fork EZ Fill is the solution for simple air fork pressure adjustment on the '13-'16 CRF450R and '13-'14 KX450F. The Air Fork EZ Fill rotates out to allow quick and easy access for your air gauge or pump and can be tucked out of harms way when you're finished. Works with standard and oversize bars, any bar mount/bar mount position, and eliminates the need to remove the front number plate. Installs in minutes with no modifications required.

  • Quick and easy air fork pressure adjustment
  • Reliable design for confidence
  • Compatible with standard or oversize bars
  • Works with OE and aftermarket bar mounts/positions
  • No adapters or special pump hoses required
  • Made in the USA
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'13-'14 CRF450 26-360 $99.95/pr. IN STOCK Buy Now
'15-'16 CRF450R 26-362 $99.95/pr. IN STOCK Buy Now
'13-'14 KX450F 26-370 $99.95/pr. IN STOCK Buy Now



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Q: What are the advantages of the 'Air Fork EZ Fill' over the stock setup of the Honda and Kawasaki forks?

A: Even though Honda added a schrader valve on the top of the fork, it is not easy to get a pump attached without removing the front number plate. If you add oversized bars to the bike, or aftermarket bar mounts, the problem gets worse. If you own a Kawasaki and have dealt with the time consuming task of removing the stock plugs, screwing in the adapters (which don't work with oversized bars) you have experienced the 'reason' we made these kits.

Q: How hard are they to install?

A: Installation is very simple. The Kawasaki bolts on in 2-3 minutes, and the Honda takes about 5 minutes because you have to bleed the air out to install and re-fill the forks with air.

Q: Will they work on the Kawasaki if I move the stock handlebar clamps to the forward position?

A: Yes! You will need to rotate the forks 180 degrees in the triple clamps, and the EZ Fill kits will be at the 'back' of the forks.

Q: Do the kits work with all oversized bars and various bar mounts?

A: Yes, ALL configuration of bars, mounts and positions.

Q: Why didn't you make a (2 into 1) kit for easier pressure adjustments?

A: We liked the idea of (2 into 1) initially, but realized quickly that if one side loses pressure for any reason (fork damage, leaky seal, air tubing failure, crash induced damage etc) that the front end of the bike would completely collapse, which would be a very dangerous situation.

Q: Couldn't you make a (2 into 1) kit that had some type of a backflow preventer or check valve that could still keep each side separate?

A: We could have designed a system that would work, but the cost and complexity of the system would be ridiculously expensive to produce and still prone to crash damage.

Q: Why are the EZ Fill kits Brass and not Aluminum?

A: We initially made our test kits out of Aluminum since it is lighter than Brass, and lets face it, we're (the) Aluminum guys...But, we soon discovered that even using hard anodized coatings, the Aluminum fittings showed signs of wear in the 'pivot' area. We also realized that Brass is a better material to use where the pump interfaces (threads) on to the adapters. We considered using a brass adapter into the Aluminum, but after seeing the wear in the pivot area, Brass was clearly the best and safest option.

Q: Do you sell replacement parts for the EZ Fill kits?

A: Yes, absolutely. We offer replacement components for the EZ Fill kits, as well as replacement parts for any other Works Connection product you may have.

Q: Do you sell the Black Air Caps separately?

A: Yes we do, we sell them in a 2-pack and a 10-pack since they fit any and all schrader valves.

Q: Are the Air Fork EZ Fill kits made in the USA?

A: Yes, American made!

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Digital Shock Pump
w/ Swivel Head

Retail $ 69.95

Our Digital Shock Pump makes it simple to accurately set and check the air pressure on air fork equipped bikes. The versatile 9 inch, foldable, 360° rotating hose and swivel head work with all bars including oversize bars. Large LCD screen displays the 0-300 PSI operating range and the micro-adjust air bleed button allows you to fine tune your forks to the precise setting. Auto start/shut-off features and replaceable battery for user friendly experience.

  • 0.5psi increments below 100psi, 1.0psi over 100psi
  • Micro-adjust air bleed button
  • 0-300 PSI/ 0-20.69 BAR operating range
  • Large LCD screen
  • PSI | BAR | KG/CM2 pressure scales
  • 360° rotating hose with swivel head
  • Fits all Schrader valve equipped forks and shocks (incl. Mountain Bikes)
  • Auto start and shut-off
  • Replaceable battery (CR2032)
  • 6063 aluminum pump barrel