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Foot Peg Mounts Offset- Titanium



- ETA 10/12/22 Available for Pre-Order
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“I have played with several offset pegs the past couple years and the one I always can back to was -7mm down and -5mm back. Some of my test riders range from 5’8-6’2 and they all thought this setting was the most comfortable”.  – Kris Keefer, Keefer Inc. Testing


Titanium Offset Foot Peg Mounts (YZF)

  • Made from Grade 5 6AL-4V TITANIUM
  • Lowers pegs by -7mm, and moves pegs back or rearward (-5mm)
  • Manufactured with tighter tolerances than O.E.M. parts
  • Opens up rider triangle, and makes it easier going from sitting to standing
  • 30% lighter than OEM mounts
  • You can use ANY pegs you like with our mounts
  • Laser engraved logos

2010-2022 YZ450F

2010-2023 YZ250F


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