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Questions & Answers: 

                                                                                                                                                                                          Customer Service / Sales

                                                                                                                                                                                          Monday – Thursday: 7:30am – 5:30pm (PST)

                                                                                                                                                                                          Friday – Sunday: Out Riding



How can I see what’s available for my Bike?
  • Click the “Shop By Brand” and enter the Make, Model and Year of your Bike. A complete list of Products for your specific bike will be displayed.
  • If you have more than one bike, go to the top of the screen and select “Products” then Select Clear  In “Select your bike” re-enter the second bike, click on “Products” to view.


Needing Hardware or Spare Parts / I don’t see a specific item listed on your site for my Bike?

If we built it, then we most likely have the parts.  In “Shop by Brand” – enter the Make/Model/Year of your bike, search for the category of the product you’re looking for.

Hardware for the following items can be purchased online.  If not shown, please e-mail us at

  • Radiator Braces – scroll down to Optional
  • Pro Launch – scroll down to Recommended Products, select Pro Launch Hardware. You may also purchase Drill Guide and countersink

     We’re constantly updating our website so if you do not see a specific item listed, send us an email to 



I’m not able to add an item to my cart when I click on “Buy Now”

Some of our products you will need to add in the quantity, not all will default to a quantity of 1.



When will my order ship?

Orders will ship the same day when placed during our normal Business hours, Monday – Thursday, prior to 2:00pm Pacific Standard time.  If order is placed after hours or weekends, it will ship on the next Business day.  Once the order has been processed, you’ll receive an email confirmation of the order and a second email will be your tracking information.


Can I ship my order to an International address?

We only ship to US and Canada addresses.  If you need it shipped outside of the Country, please view our Distributor page for other possible options.


Pro Launch Instructions / Templates

Do you know the part number of the Pro Launch that you need instructions / template for?

  • If yes, then click the “Instructions” link near the bottom of our homepage and enter the part number in “Search Downloads” to see the instructions with template.
  • If no, click the “Shop By Brand” and enter the Make, Model and Year of your Bike. Click on the Pro Launch thumbnail, scroll down the page and click on the Instructions link.              

      You may also send us an email to  


Pro Launch

If you do not see a Pro Launch for your bike, please reference the picture below.  We’ll need measurements for all 5 area’s and measured with a caliper tool.  Email the information to and be sure to include your name and phone number.  We will reach back out to you once we review your information.   

                                     Fork Ring


Sending a message through “Contact”

If you send an email over the weekend or Holiday, we’ll be happy to reply as quickly as possible on the next business day(s).


Looking for Stickers

Stickers are always free!  If you’re placing an order, please ask for free stickers at that time.  If not, we just ask that you mail us a self-addressed stamped envelope and we’ll get them right out to you!  If you’re located outside of the US, please be sure to include the correct postage voucher for return postage.


Online Access:
  • I’m having trouble logging in to my online account?

Select “Forgot Password?” and a temporary password will be sent.  Don’t forget to check your spam folder.  If you’re still having an issue send an email to

  • How can I change my password?

Once you’re logged into your account, in the upper right corner select “My Account”. You’ll then be able to make changes to your account.

  • How can I track the status of my order?

If you placed your order online, you may view your order status by logging in and accessing “My Account” to see if it had shipped and view a copy of your order.  Once we processed your order, you will receive an email confirmation of the order and a separate email of your tracking number.  Once the order has left our warehouse, you may be able to track the status.  

Rider Support:

Looking for a Sponsorship, New Riders or to Renew, please click on “Rider Support” apply online only. 

  • Trying to renew my application online but the system won’t let me?

The system will only allow you to apply one time per season.  If you’re not able to renew your application, you may not be eligible just yet.  It’s 1 year from your approval date until you can reapply.

  • Rider Support application has been submitted; how long does it take for a response?

 Depending on the time of year, we typically reply within a week.

  • Can I place orders online with my Rider Support discount?

Yes, log in with the same email address that you used to apply.  Once you are logged in, the price you see is your price (already discounted off Retail) No online code needed during check out.

  • My Rider support order was charged Freight?

 All Rider Support orders will be charged Freight.

Returns and Exchange:
  • How do I return or Exchange an item?

Please call or email prior to any returns or exchange.  You’ll need an approval and RA# or the item may be returned back to you.

  • How long does it take to process my return?

We’ll review to confirm the details of the return and process the return within 1 to 2 days.  An email confirmation will be sent to you.  Credit card companies will take 3-10 business days to process your credit (depending on your financial institution).

Looking for Instructions?
  • If you know the part number of the item your needing Instructions for, click the “Instructions” link near the bottom of our homepage and enter the part number in “Search Downloads” to see the instructions.
  •  If you do not know the part number click the “Shop By Brand” link and enter your Make, Model and Year of your bike. Click on the item that you need Instructions for, scroll down the page and click on the Instructions link.

              You may also send us an email to