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Tach/Hour Meters


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  • Resettable maintenance timer
  • Five mode display screens
  • Tach displays running engine's RPM
  • Records max RPM from current ride and Auto Resets at next ride
  • Hour meter tracks total run time
  • Clock features 12 or 24 hour operation
  • Works on Fuel injected/carbureted 2-Strokes/4-Strokes from 1 to 8 cylinders
  • Large, easy to read LCD screen in a sleek, compact design
  • Measures up to 19999 RPM and tracks total hours up to 99999
  • Compatible with stock ignition system
  • Mounts on any flat surface with included heavy duty, die-cut Peel-n-Stick
  • Optional Mount Bracket available for bolt on mounting (sold separately)
  • Easy installation (single wire lead wraps around spark plug wire)

NOTE-Previous generation Tach/Hour Meter mounts ARE NOT compatible with PN37-200

                                                                 Tach Hour Meter
                                                          Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I set the Clock?
A: You’ll have a choice to set the clock to 12HR / 24 HR time. Be sure you’re on the clock setting, by pressing the button once each time to change the screen.
     * Once you see the clock, press and hold the button for approx. 3 seconds until you see the clock displaying zeros all across the screen, then release button.
     * The screen should now be flashing 12 HR, if you would like to have it set to Military time, press the button one more time.
     * Once you see your preference (12 HR / 24 HR) leave alone until the minutes appear and flashing.
     * Then press the button to change the time. It will first change the minute; each time you press the button it will change one minute at a time. If you press and hold the button it                will speed up the minutes and will roll over the Hours.

** Note: If you passed the hour or minute that you would like to set, you will need to roll the time over again until you see the correct time.


Q: How do I change the screen to see my Maintenance timer?
A: Depress the button on the front of the unit to scroll through all settings.


Q: How do I reset my Maintenance Timer back to zero after changing my oil?
A: Depress the button on the front of the unit until you see “Maintenance Timer” then press and hold the button for 3 seconds. The hours will go back to zero.


Q: Which setting should I set my PPR?
A: If your bike is Fuel injected set to .05 / Carbureted set to 1.0 / Non-Motorcycle set to 2.0 or 4.0.


Q: The RPM is bouncing all over the place.
A: Make sure the red wire is wrapped side by side and not overlapping each other.
     * Have the red wire wrapped 5 times, if it’s still happening try wrap the wire 3 times.
     * You may use electrical tape or a zip-tie to secure the wires.
       Still having an issue, please email us a video and/or pictures of the install to Please include your name and phone number in the email.


Q: I bought a new bike, can I reset my Total Hours back to zero?
A: No, there’s no way of setting back the hours. You can write down the hours as a starting point for the new bike. You may change the Maintenance timer to zero, this could help  keep track on the new bike. Reference “How to reset my Maintenance timer”


Q: Can I replace the battery?
A: No, the unit is sealed/water resistant and contains a 5-year non-replaceable battery.


Q: My screen is displaying an Error code or the screen is black.
A: That’s signs of an impact to the meter that may have occurred. Please reach out to us and we’ll confirm what’s going on. please email us a video and/or pictures of the meter to Please include your name and phone number in the email


Q: Can I install the meter on my boat?
A: Yes, you may install the meter on a machine that has a Spark Pulse and Gas only.

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