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- Moto-Gate
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One of the most versatile bed load restrain systems available. Moto-Gate’s unique ability to expand and conform to materials being transported allows it to securely capture your load.  Give yourself the confidence, safety and security in knowing that what you loaded up will still be on board when you arrive.

•    Easy install and removal
•    Fully adjustable to accommodate load size
•    Designed to fit Trucks, Vans, SUV’s and UTV’s
•    Soft flexible construction allows easy storage
•    Rubber coated Tie-Down hooks help prevent paint damage
•    Rating: Full NET set-2000 lbs, Nylon Mesh-6000 lbs, Tie-Down hooks-200

    26-500    Moto-Gate               
    17” x 54” Nylon Net-120” over-all width & laterally sliding adjustability
    Trucks, Vans, SUV’s


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