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Clutch Powerlever



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  • ‘Works Factory’ adjustability at production pricing
  • Three FlipChips provide six different ratios to create the perfect lever feel for you
  • Pivoting action to prevent damage from impacts
  • Durable forged lever blade and CNC’d 6061 T-6 billet construction
  • Tight manufacturing tolerances eliminate up and down play in the lever
  • Adjustable reach for a custom fit
  • Quality hardware throughout the design
  • Anodized Stealth Black with laser etched logo
  • EZ install in just minutes. No special tools required

                                      ARC POWERLEVER FAQ’s


Q. What is an ARC Powerlever? 
A. An ARC Powerlever is a (6-way adjustable leverage ratio) lever that has the same reliable design features and benefits that the standard ARC lever does, but includes the ability to fine tune the lever’s engagement point to your individual preference.


Q. How does the PowerLever work?
A. The PowerLever comes with three Flip Chips inserts. The Flip Chips are small aluminum blocks with a divot machined on one side and two ratio numbers on the other. Each Flip Chip, and orientation of it, directly affects the distance from the levers pivot center to the centerline of the push-rod that actuates the master cylinder plunger. 
By selecting the softest option (#14) it will affect the levers engagement by pushing the plunger later and with the least amount of travel, or by selecting the hardest option (#19) it will push the plunger sooner and with the most amount of travel.


Q. Where does the Flip Chip go?
A. The chosen Flip Chip is inserted into a pocket machined in the knee of the lever.


Q. Is the free play adjustment difficult to set?
A. Not at all. Setting the free play is as simple as turning a set screw on the knee of the lever. Once the required 1/32” of free play is achieved, just lock the adjustment set screw in place.


Q. Is setting the correct free play important?
A. Yes!!! It’s very important* and the instructions Works Connection provides with each PowerLever include detailed, step-by-step text and photos to make it simple for you to confidently set the correct preload

Brake: If you over-preload the pushrod the master cylinder’s internal piston may not be allowed to return far enough to let the brake fluid return to the master cylinder reservoir. This could result in the front brake locking up.

Clutch: If you over-preload the pushrod it can cause excessive drag / heat to occur and result in premature clutch failure.

If you have further questions please send an email to or feel free to give us a call during normal business hours at 800-349-1475

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